1987 Establishment of FDS in Singapore-The Beginning of Overseas Operations

Japan was severely affected by the sudden appreciation of the yen, a direct effect of the Plaza Agreement of September 1985, and many Japanese businesses, led by the audio system industry, shifted production bases from Japan to foreign countries.FUJI DENKO realized the need to create an overseas office and thus established FD INDUSTRIES SINGAPORE(FDS) as a subsidiary company to satisfy customersf needs.FDS started producing flat wires for CDs, radio, and cassette players as well as other electric wire and cable products.

1988 Establishment of FDM in Malaysia

In September 1988, FUJI DENKO opened FD INDUSTRI (MALAYSIA) SDN BHD(FDM) in Petaling Jaya in order to provide services to customers that established new factories in Malaysia. This subsidiary company near Kuala Lumpur began to produce flat wires and FFC for the audio-visual industry.

1988 Establishment of FUDEC in the United States (Los Angeles)

FUDEC,INC. was established as a subsidiary company of FD Japan to serve the needs of Japan-based clients in the United States.FUDEC sells products made in our Southeast Asian factories and manages real estate.


1991 Expansion of Production in Malaysia
FDM expanded to fill increased demand from customers in the audio industry.

1992 Initiation of FPC Production in Cooperation with Toyobo Co., Ltd. in Malaysia

FDM started flexible print circuit (FPC) production in cooperation with Toyobo Co., Ltd.FDM participated in various aspects of production including quality control, and managed the sales of the product.In addition, the production of extra-fine lead wires (AWG36) used in FPC and all other manufacturing processes became automated.This increased the quality and reliability of our products and we gained customers in the camera and electronic industry.

1995 Creation of Quality Control Department in Japan

FUJI DENKO created a quality control division to inspect imported goods. This department also developed strategies and consulted with our factories and our suppliers to improve the quality of our products.

1995 Production Output Increase in Malaysia and Establishment of a Distribution Company in Singapore (FDI)

The manufacturing plants of Singapore and Malaysia were consolidated and all production was moved to Malaysia, due to Singaporefs high living expenses. FD Singapore became FD INTERCONNECT (SINGAPORE).PTE.LTD(FDI) and shifted from a factory to a distribution company that handles business in Southeast Asia (Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines).

1997 FDM Obtains ISO9002 Certification

FDM obtained the ISO9002 in order to guarantee the quality and reliability of our products to customers worldwide.

1997 Establishment of FDIN in Indonesia

Customers began to create factories Indonesia to disperse risk associated with only having production plants in Malaysia.FUJI DENKO established a subsidiary company PT. FD INDUSTRI INDONESIA(FDIN) in Kota bukit Indah, an industrial area about 70km east of Jakarta.FDIN began production of flat cables, FFC, and lead wires for the audio-visual and camera industry.FPC and fiber optic cable production followed.

1999 Establishment of FDA in Malaysia

FD ACCESS (MALAYSIA) SDN BHD(FDA) was established as a subsidiary company of FUJI DENKO and FDM to serve the needs of our customers in the communications equipment industry.FDA produces air core coils.

2001 Commencement of Distribution Activity in FDM

FDM acquired IPC (International Procurement Centre) licensing from the Malaysian government and received permission to become a distributor.

2002 Establishment of FDW in China

Fuji Denko provided 75% of the capital to establish FUJI DENKO (WUXI) CO., LTD.(FDW) with sRzƗLi, a Chinese cooperation.This subsidiary company is located approximately 120km from Shanghai.Manufacturing equipment was transferred from our Southeast Asian factories and FDW began producing air core coil and lead wires for customers in China.FDW serves the needs of our Japan-based clients in China, as well as Chinese corporations, and also effectively disperses production risk among our overseas factories.

2002 Commencement of Distribution Activity in FDIN

FDIN received permission from the Indonesian government to become a bonded warehouse and thus begin functioning as a distributing company.