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Terminal Pin


Terminal Pin
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Characteristics of our Overseas Products/Operations

Eco-Friendly High Quality Products
We have nearly 20 years of experience overseas and have excellent and talented personnel. Thus, we are able to manufacture high-quality products without harming the environment. To demonstrate our commitment to improving our products and to preserving the environment, all of our factories have acquired ISO9001:2000 and ISO14001 certification. In addition, many of our suppliers and customers also have ISO certification and we are working together to protect the environment..

Overseas production risk management
Each of our products is manufactured by at least two different factories to reduce risks associated with glitches in the manufacturing system or difficulties within a certain country. This system ensures uninterrupted production of a product even if problems do arise.

Efficient Sales System
We have instituted a system where sales representatives may communicate directly with technical experts and personnel in foreign offices to obtain information and to solve problems regarding the production, sales, or use of a product, in a timely manner. Japanese and local staff trained in Japan are also able to visit customer R&D sites and provide technical support. This overseas exchange of information ensures that our customers receive accurate and up-to-date news and that their products are manufactured without interruption.

Promoting Local Suppliers
We aim to provide our customers with high-quality products at a low price. To accomplish this, we purchase materials from local suppliers and are continually aiming to reduce costs while simultaneously increasing efficiency.