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Terminal Pin




  1. Country of Origin
  2. Primary Competitive Advantages
  3. Key Specifications
  4. Applications
  5. Main Export Market
  6. Payment Details
  7. Minimum Order
  8. Delivery Details
  9. Air core coil packing
  10. Contact Details


(1)Country of Origin: Malaysia

(2)Primary Competitive Advantages
・Experienced Technical Staff
・Guarantee Warranty(ISO9001 Certificated)
・International Approvals
・Small Orders
・Accepted Quick Delivery(within 3 days)

(3)Key Specifications /Special Features:
Features: <1PEW>
  -Center Lead Coil (...more description)
  -Straight Lead Coil (...more description)

-Satellite communication systems
-Microwave equipment
-AM/FM radio receivers/transmitters
-Test equipment -Band pass filters
-Customs available

(5)Main Export Market: Worldwide

(6)Payment Details: 30〜60 days in term
 Payment terms
 L/C and T/T accepted

(7)Minimum Order:

(8)Delivery Details:

The product is to be packed for being kept from humidity and damage while transportation or keeping. and followinf items to be appeared on the proper position of package using un-erasable way.

(9)Air Core Coil Packing:
  Every 1,000 or 5,000 pcs of Air Core Coil are packed in plastic bag.

Label Details :
  -Parts NO
  -Manufacturing Date
  -Machine NO
  -Quantity 1,000 or 5,000 pics/bag

Plastic bag size:

  -6 "(W)x4"(L)x0.5mm(T)
  -8 "(W)x5"(L)x0.5mm(T)

NOTE:Plastic bag size shall be desided by the Coil size.

Carton Box Size and Out view:

Carton Box Size:230x385x115mm
Label Details:
Parts NO.


This product available at FDW
Fujidenko (Wuxi)Co.,LTD.(FDW)

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